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Dortmund Airport

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If you intend to travel to Dortmund University from an inner-European destination, Dortmund Airport offers a comfortable connection. The airport is located about fifteen kilometres outside the Ruhr metropolis Dortmund, and it guarantees an uncomplicated arrival at Dortmund University. Being a friend of public transport either take the bus line 440 to “Dortmund Eichlinghofen” and change to the sky train “H-Bahn” to arrive at Dortmund University (North Campus). Or simply use the AirportExpress/BusAirpro to Dortmund main station, where you switch to S-Bahn 1 going in the direction of “Essen/Solingen”. The train leaves every fifteen minutes on platform 7 and will get you to the underground station “Dortmund Universität ” in no longer than six minutes. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi transporting you conveniently to the university.