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The Organizing Team of SIG19 JURE 2022

Sarah Delling, University of Siegen

© Sarah Delling

My name is Sarah Delling. I work as research assistant for the Department of Religious Education at the Institute of Catholic Theology at the University of Siegen, Germany. My research focuses on empirical research of RE and the study of classroom communication in RE. More precisely, my PhD project concentrates  on  nonverbal communication in RE lessons. 

I have been a member of EARLI SIG 19 since 2019 and a SIG 19 JURE coordinator since 2021. Together with Frederike Gabelt, TU Dortmund, Germany, I am organizing the SIG 19 JURE pre-conference in September 2022.]

Frederike Gabelt, TU Dortmund University

© Frederike Gabelt

I am Frederike Gabelt, PhD student of Practical Theology at TU Dortmund University. I studied Catholic Theology, Social Science and Education at TU Dortmund University and graduated with a MEd for secondary schools. In my research I´m focusing on RE and Didactics, while concentrating on religious judgement in education and the political dimension of RE. In my doctoral thesis I´m examine the structure of students judgement competence while judging religious issues that are politically and socially controversial. Alongside Sarah Delling I´m taking part in organizing the SIG19 JURE-Preconference at TU Dortmund University.