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Top Hotel Esplanade Dortmund
Burgwall 3
44135 Dortmund, Germany

Phone +49 (0) 231 5853-0
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If you are looking for an adequate accommodation during the SIG19 conference, the 4-star-buisness-hotel “Esplanade Dortmund” located in the city centre of Dortmund would be a convenient option. The hotel impresses with its friendly and authentic hospitality, which gives an impression of life in the Ruhr region. If you have any questions, the reception service is 24 hours available. And if you arrive by car, it is also possible to park at the hotel's own parking area at the Burgwall. For reservation, there is a contingent of thirty single rooms available, which you can access to by indicating the keyword “EARLI SIG 19”. The price amounts between 84 ,- € and 104 ,- €, including breakfast.

Travelling from Hotel Esplanade Dortmund to TU Dortmund University

There are several options to easily get from Hotel Esplanade Dortmund to Dortmund Central Station:

Option 1 From the hotel, you can comfortably reach the main exit of Dortmund Central Station by a walk of about ten minutes. Go out of the hotel entrance onto “Bornstraße” and turn right onto “Bundesstraße 54”. Walk straight ahead in the direction of “Königswall” for about 10 minutes. Then you can already see the main entrance of the Dortmund Central Station directly in front of you.

Option 2 Alternatively, you can also reach the Central Station by underground or bus. From Hotel Esplanade Dortmund walk about 3 minutes to the underground station "Reinoldikirche". Take underground line U43 to “Kampstraße” (going in the direction “Dorstfeld Betriebshof” or “Westentor”) and switch there to underground line U47 (going in the direction “Westerfilde S-Bahnhof”) or underground line U49 (going in the direction “Hauptbahnhof Dortmund”). If you want to travel by bus, take bus line 460 from “Reinoldikirche” to Dortmund Central Station. The bus runs every 20 minutes. To then get from Dortmund Central Station to TU Dortmund University, take the S-Bahn 1 going in the direction of “Solingen/Essen” from platform 7. The train leaves every fifteen minutes and will get you to the underground station “Dortmund Universität” in short time.

Arriving by car, it is possible to park at the various parking areas at TU Dortmund University, for example at "Emil-Figge-Straße" or under the Mensabrücke TU Dortmund at "Vogelpothsweg".